Asset Management Solution

Auto Diagnostic Reports

  • You will receive an Auto Locate every 6-hours and 15-minutes helping You know the driving history of your customer should you have to retrieve your asset. (Average 125 Locates per month) (at no additional charge

Alerts and Notifications
You set alerts that work best for your operation, and receive notification via Text and/or Email.

  • Geo Fences: If the vehicle Enters or Leaves a designated area, like an Impound Lot…You receive an Alert.

  • Landmarks: A point of interest that can be pre-defined by you.

  • State Alert: you can assign a unit to a specific state; you will be Alerted if they leave the state.

  • Stopped Reporting Alert: will notify you when the vehicle has not reported for the specified time frame.

  • Off Hours Alert, Lot Protection: Notification if a vehicle is used during special hours of the day.

  • Low Battery Alert: If the Battery drops below a pre-set limit.

  • Speed Alert: If the vehicle exceeds a predetermined speed.

Tamper Alert (Battery Backup)**

  • If the Power is interrupted (Tampered with) in any way you will receive a Tamper Alert.

  • If the power is cut you can continue to track your vehicle (Battery Backup)

Maintenance Alerts:

  • Maintenance Notifications sent to you and your customer when the vehicle reaches a pre-determined mileage.
Locate on Demand
  • Locate from any Internet capable computer.
Starter Interrupt (Never Stranded) (Optional)
  • You can send a command so the vehicle will not start, allowing you to regain control of your asset, preventing excess mileage and possible damage to the vehicle.
    Will not disable when out of cell coverage.
Mapping by Google Earth:
  • Locate anytime, anywhere with Street, Hybrid & Street View Mapping

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